LMDIFY: Hand Lettered Wedding Invites

WAHOO! This is the first post in a new series I’d like to call, “Let Me Do It For You” or LMDIFY for short. As some of you know, Party Time Yeah! is part blog, part creative service. I love, love, love sharing the ideas I have for all things PARTY but sometimes, people want a little help with their party–and I can do that too!

Whether it’s coordinating, planning, or even brainstorming, I’m so down to help make whatever party you’re planning the bomb dot com. One thing I am oh-so-ready to help out with is lettering and sign-making. Full disclosure, I’m not a calligrapher, but I do have some pretty neat handwriting (both cursive & print.)

I’ve always enjoyed making signs but I really stepped things up when I decided to I hand-address the invites for my own wedding. This. Was. An. Undertaking. I started FOUR WEEKS before I wanted to send mine out and I was lettering at least a handful each night. I enjoyed it, it was relaxing and because I gave myself ample time, it wasn’t stressful. The ONE PIECE of advice I’d give to anyone:

If you’re going to DIY something for your wedding or party, make sure you enjoy the process. Otherwise it will become a chore–and parties should not be chores.


I buy pens in bulk. I do a lot of doodling and note-taking at work, so about a year ago I started buying my favorite pen in bulk on Amazon (and refills.) This pen is the retractable Pilot Precise V5 RT. It’s fine point and flows super smooth with little smearing.  I LOVE IT.


I aimed to do about five envelopes a night after work. Whenever I did this I would bring a big sketchpad with me and practice the invitee’s name a few times with different variations until I was happy.

I also experimented with the phrasing depending on the guest. If it was one person, I wrote their whole name. If it was a couple with two different last names, I simply wrote their firsts. If it was a family, I wrote”The *Blank* Family.” There were a few exceptions which was fine! I was the only one who was going to know how the others were addressed. (Well, until now.)


When I printed my invites, I ordered extra envelopes knowing that I would probably mess up one or two AND I had a few invites returned, so I had to re-address them. I was still left with a few unused, but they’re pretty standard envelopes and I’m sure they won’t go to waste.

If you’re interested in doing your own invites, I say go for it! Just make sure you ENJOY doing it and give yourself enough time to do them. If you’re like, “that’s pretty, but I have chicken scratch handwriting” then HIT ME UP!

A New Adventure!

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My name is Megan Winterhalter, a life long party lover and host. This site came about after years of planning and hosting my own parties: everything from holiday parties, tailgates, reunions, engagement parties, to my own wedding. If there is one thing I like to do, it’s plan a party. After planning my own wedding and helping coordinate a friend’s, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch by starting Party Time Yeah! Here is where I’ll write about my adventures in event coordinating and lay out all kinds of fun ways to inject more party into life. It’s also where I can help you plan and coordinate your party. If there’s one thing this world could use more of it’s parties, and I’m here to help.