LMDIFY: Hand Lettered Wedding Invites

WAHOO! This is the first post in a new series I’d like to call, “Let Me Do It For You” or LMDIFY for short. As some of you know, Party Time Yeah! is part blog, part creative service. I love, love, love sharing the ideas I have for all things PARTY but sometimes, people want a little help with their party–and I can do that too!

Whether it’s coordinating, planning, or even brainstorming, I’m so down to help make whatever party you’re planning the bomb dot com. One thing I am oh-so-ready to help out with is lettering and sign-making. Full disclosure, I’m not a calligrapher, but I do have some pretty neat handwriting (both cursive & print.)

I’ve always enjoyed making signs but I really stepped things up when I decided to I hand-address the invites for my own wedding. This. Was. An. Undertaking. I started FOUR WEEKS before I wanted to send mine out and I was lettering at least a handful each night. I enjoyed it, it was relaxing and because I gave myself ample time, it wasn’t stressful. The ONE PIECE of advice I’d give to anyone:

If you’re going to DIY something for your wedding or party, make sure you enjoy the process. Otherwise it will become a chore–and parties should not be chores.


I buy pens in bulk. I do a lot of doodling and note-taking at work, so about a year ago I started buying my favorite pen in bulk on Amazon (and refills.) This pen is the retractable Pilot Precise V5 RT. It’s fine point and flows super smooth with little smearing.  I LOVE IT.


I aimed to do about five envelopes a night after work. Whenever I did this I would bring a big sketchpad with me and practice the invitee’s name a few times with different variations until I was happy.

I also experimented with the phrasing depending on the guest. If it was one person, I wrote their whole name. If it was a couple with two different last names, I simply wrote their firsts. If it was a family, I wrote”The *Blank* Family.” There were a few exceptions which was fine! I was the only one who was going to know how the others were addressed. (Well, until now.)


When I printed my invites, I ordered extra envelopes knowing that I would probably mess up one or two AND I had a few invites returned, so I had to re-address them. I was still left with a few unused, but they’re pretty standard envelopes and I’m sure they won’t go to waste.

If you’re interested in doing your own invites, I say go for it! Just make sure you ENJOY doing it and give yourself enough time to do them. If you’re like, “that’s pretty, but I have chicken scratch handwriting” then HIT ME UP!

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