The Hunt: A Group Drinking Party

Oh, the Hunt. One of my favorite kinds of parties. I was introduced to it when I moved to Minneapolis in 2013 and it’s been going strong ever since. Basically, it’s a traveling-drinking-competitive-theme party perfect for any time of year and GREAT for large groups. We did a Jazzercise-themed on this past weekend and it did not disappoint.


If you like to day drink, you’ll enjoy hunting.
If you like to dress up, you’ll enjoy hunting. (Although I suppose it’s not required.)
If you like fun, you’ll enjoy hunting.

Here’s how it works:

Gather 20-50 of your most ready-to-party friends.

I’ve done hunts with 20 people. I’ve done them with 48 people. How many you invite is up to you, but everyone needs to gather in one place, be that an apartment or backyard, somewhere where people have space to break up into groups.

Tell each friend to bring THREE light (chuggable) beers and $5 cash.

People usually go in on a six, twelve, or a case together. As the host, collect the $5 from everyone as they arrive.

Select someone to be the HUNTED.

If you have a friend who doesn’t like to drink/can’t drink, this is a good job for them. The Hunted does not compete, but they have all the control in this game.

Everyone else breaks up into groups of FOUR.

We usually have people rank themselves on chugging ability (1 being weakest, 4 being strongest) and make each group have one of each to keep it fair. We’ve picked groups out of a hat, we’ve had people assign, whatever is easiest. Just make sure it’s FOUR or less so everyone can fit in one Lyft/Uber. Once groups are settled…

Choose 10-13 bars all in walking distance of each other.

This is a great opportunity to explore new bars or a new area you’re unfamiliar with. Probably not any super nice ones–the divy-er the better is what I always say.

Give the Hunted the pot of cash, and send them on their way.

The Hunted chooses a bar from the list to go. They don’t tell anyone which one it is. They simply hail a Lyft or Uber and get moving. Once they get to said bar they text the group to say they’ve made it. The Hunted can now start spending that money any way they want. They can buy a drink for themselves, a drink for the staff. Whatever.

Let the games begin!

Once everyone gets the notice the Hunted is at the bar, the games begin. The goal is to find the Hunted. But FIRST, each group must finish 3 beers per person before leaving. The stronger player can take some of the weaker players beers if needed, the rule is, 3 beers per person on your team.

Once your team has finished all your beers, you can head to one of the bars on the list. If you go to a bar and the Hunted isn’t there, TWO people on your team need to have a drink (shot, beer, mixed drink, up to you) before you can leave.

  • Teams are not allowed to split up
  • No window shopping (you can’t peep in bars and not go in)

The first team to find the Hunted wins

The first team to enter the bar of the Hunted wins. The hunted gives the team whatever is left of the cash pot. The team can spend it however they like (usually continued drinking.) As teams roll in, there’s usually some crazy stories to hear, too.

Loser tunnel

It has become tradition to make a tunnel for the last team to run through when they get to the bar. Sometimes strangers even join in. The rest of the night is spent hanging, drinking, and dancing.

But wait, didn’t you say THEME party?

Yes. Every single hunt I’ve ever done has had a theme. Usually the Hunted dresses up as one thing while everyone else dresses up as another. Here’s a few themes to get your creative wheels turning:

  • Thanksgiving: The Hunted dresses up as a turkey. Everyone else dresses as Pilgrims.
  • Valentine’s Day: The Hunted dresses up as Cupid. Everyone else wears red and pink.
  • Kentucky Derby: The Hunted wears a wreath of roses. Everyone else dresses up.
  • Where’s Waldo: Everyone dresses up as Waldo.
  • Hunting: The Hunted dresses up as a deer. Everyone else wears camp and blaze orange.

Those are just a few, I can’t wait to see what the next Hunt will bring. Happy Hunting!

Note: This post promotes binge drinking. Please party responsibly.




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